Here on our website you will find information concerning Hillcrest and the Camp. We hope and pray the time you spend on our website will be informative, helpful and a blessing. Hillcrest is a warm, friendly and loving camp.  We want you to feel free and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Please feel free to browse through the various aspects of our website and learn all about the fun, joy, inspiration, fellowship and friendships that you will gain from visiting, camping, attending a rallly, retreat, reunion, etc. at Hillcrest.

If you are looking for a camp that is attractive, affordable, friendly, functional  and where all the  buildings have central air-conditioning and heating, look no further. Call and make an appointment to visit Hillcrest. We would love to have you be our guest.

When you visit Hillcrest you will discover: 

  • A caring, loving and competent staff that will warmly welcome you.
  • A flexible, adaptable and cooperative staff that will meet your needs.
  • An attractive, functional and affordable camp located in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest that has all sorts of flowering trees and shrubs, white tail deers, turkeys, eagles, all sorts of birds and wild life, unbelievable wonders of nature, hiking trails, places to repel, canoe and kayak, etc. Please click on "See and Do it All" for further information and pictures.

You will learn the "Heritage of the Three Crosses" of our Logo pictured above.

On a holy hillcrest, high above the Ohio River stand three '"T  T  T ".

The old rugged wooden "T " in the "Stations of the Cross" stands for the lost.

Here lost sinners  cry out "Lord, have mercy upon me a sinner!"

The finished " T"  in the "Kneel at the Cross Prayer Garden" is for the saved.
It is here that sinners saved by grace kneel in contrition and coosecration!

The cross high and lifted up above the Chapel is the cross of Christ.
This is the cross that draws both lost and saved sinners to Himself!
The dove above the cross represents the Holy Spirit given us by Christ!

Three crosses stood at Calvary

One bore the dead body of a sinner who cursed Christ and went to hell.
The second held in vain a sinner who confessed Christ and went to heaven.
The middle cross could not hold the Savior who died for both and all! 

Three crosses rise above the Ohio River on the border of IL and KY.
Three crosses stand in the heartland of America as a reminder of Calvary.
Three crosses that have stood the storms of life and are the reality of Glory!

Three crosses, but what do they mean to each of us?
Have we been to Calvary? Have we been personally saved by Christ?
There is saving power in the blood shed by Christ on Calvariy for us!


Three crosses! Not one! Not two! But three that includes us all!
One stands for lost mankind! The second for sinners saved by grace!
And the third stands for the  "I" and the "I" crossed out by death to self!

This is the heritage of about 2000 campers saved by grace at Hillcrest!

"...when Christ is lifted up on the cross, He will draw everyone to HIm"!
(John 12:32)














































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  March 2018